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Sri Angala Parameswari Koil Thirupani pettai, Thiruvadamarudur, Tanjore - Tamil Nadu - India

Sri AngalaParameswari is our family deity (Kuladeivam). This temple is located along the road between Thiruvidaimarudur and Adudurai at Thirupani pettai village in Tanjore District. The nearest railway station is Thiruvidaimarudur, which is about three km from the temple. The presiding deity is Sri Angalaparameswari in a sitting posture facing south. There is a small idol of Sri Ganesha inside the sanctum. In the outer mentapam the idol of Nandi (instead of the usual lion present in Sri Parashakti temples) is installed. In the outer mantapam the idol of devi's son Sri Pavadairayan, the one who grants wishes and prayers to devotees, carries a wooden club in his hand. There is also a huge horse made of brick and mortar in the open space in front of the goddess.

Legend says that this temple is more than 1000 years old. Once an innocent person was accused of murder and convicted by the local king; the punishment was death. When the king's soldiers were taking the prisoner on a horse from Thiruvidaimarudur to Aduthurai for execution, the horse came to a halt in this place and refused to move. At the same time the voice of Sri Ashareera vani was heard stating that the prisoner is innocent and that there is an idol of Sri Devi inside a snake pit nearby. The soldiers dug the snake pit and found the idol of amman whose brow was slightly damaged due to the effect of the crowbar. The Amman idol was installed in a small Shrine. The people of the surrounding four villages, namely, Thirupani Petai on the south, Thiruvidaimarudur on the west, Thiruvisainallur on the north and Aduthurai on the east consider this Amman as kaval deivam. Usually the images of horses are found in Aiyyanar temples considered to be kaval Deivams, but in this rare case a huge horse with a dog by its side is found in this temple.

More than 2000 families consider this temple as their Kuladeivam. Incidentally my Great Grandfather Sri Siva Rama iyer who was a sanskrit scholar hails from Thiruvisainallur and it is probably due to this factor this Goddess is our Kuladeivam. The area surrounding this temple is known as Govindapuram wherein Sri Bodendra Swamigal, the 59th Sri Sankaracharya, founded his Mutt and where his Jeeva Samadhi is established.

Pooja in this temple is done by poojari who gets the right by virtue of heredity. The temple is not affiliated to.Hindu Religious Endowment Board. The main festivals celebrated in this temple are Maha Sivarathri in the month of Masi (February — March), Adi Velli, and Thai Valli. This temple is more in the nature of a village kaval deivam.

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