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Sri Dasha Buja Anjeneyar Temple Anandha Mangalam, Nagapattinam, Tamil Nadu, India

The temple is very close to Thirukkadaiyur. Anjenayar has God Face with 3 eyes. His 10 hands holds with Conch (Sangu), Chakram, Soolam, Kabalam, Madhatchagam, Pasamankusam, Bow, Arrow, Sattai, Navaneetham and has two feathers in both side .

After the death of Ravanan in the battle of Srilanka, Sri Ramar was returning to Ayothi along with Seetha, Lakshmanan Anjenayar. They stayed in the house of Bharathwaja Maharishi. After sometime Narathar come to the house. Sri Ramar prayed to Narathar. So narathar blessed and then Narathar told Ramar that the Srilanka battle is over but it was not stopped and he told that there is still more to do with your bow and arrow. But Sri Ramar asked to explain it clearly.Narathar explained everything, Ravanan has died but the Demons generations are living. Their generations are vowed to revenge for the war. Asuras namely Ragtha Bindhu, Ragtha Rakshagan are doing penance under the sea. If their penance is completed, they will get the strong powers to destroy the world. So you must kill the Asuras. But Sri Ramar told that now he cannot delay to go to Ayothi, because Bharathan would take the ‘Firegundam’. Narathar asked Rama, to send his brother Lakshmanan but Sri Ramar said that Lakshmanan is my shadow, so he must be with me. Then Ramar, ordered Sri Hanuman to kill those two Asuras.Lord Vishnu offers his ‘Conch’ and ‘Chakra’ and Goddess Sakthi offered her ‘Thirusoolam’, Lord Brahma offered ‘Bramakapalam’, ‘ pasangusam’ and Manthrashtakam’, Lord Ramar offered his bow and arrow and Lord Krishna offered ‘Sattai and Butter’ to Sri Hanumam to kill the Demons. Sri Hanuman shows all his powers with 10 hands. Finally Lord Shiva offered his ‘Netrikan’. With this skills Sri Hanuman killed those two Asuras and danced with joy in this place. Hence this place is called ‘ Ananthamangalam’.

Special worship of Anjaneya is held on Saturdays and on the days of Amavasya.

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