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Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Perumal - ThiruvaliThiru Nagari, Thirunangur District, Nagapattinam, Tamil Nad

These are two temples situated at a distance of four Kms from each other but considered as one Divya Desham. Thiruvali: Lord Narasimhan after killing Hiranyakashyapu was in an angry mood, when his consort Sri Lakshmi came and sat in his lap. The Lord Sri Narasimha embraced the Goddess and this place came to be known as Sri Thiruvali (Thiru means Sri LakshmiAli meansAlinganam). The Moolavar is Sri Azhagiya Singar in a sitting posture and the Thaayar is Sri Poorna Valli. This place is also known as Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Kshetram since the god is with the goddess. In this place there are five Narasimha Kshetrams as below: Kuraiyalur - Sri Ugra NarasimharMangai Madam - Sri Veera NarasimharThiru Nagari - Sri Hiranya NarasimharThiru Nagari - Sri Narasimhar (two Narasimha idols in one Temple)Thiru Vali - Sri Lakshmi Narasimhan These gods were worshipped by Sri Kumudhavalli wife of Thiru Mangaiazhwar who has sung in praise of this Lord. Thiru Nagari: This temple is four kms from Thiruvali. The moolavar is Sri Vedharajan in sitting posture facing west and the Thaayar is Sri Amrithavalli. The legend is in Thretha Yuga the fifth son of Sri Brahma by name Kabdama did penance at this place for Lord Sri Vishnu. Lord Sri Vishnu did not give darshan to him even when requested by goddess Sri Lakshmi and hence Sri Lakshmi discarded the Lord and came to this place and hid herself in a lotus flower. Lord Sri Vishnu came in search of goddess Sri Lakshmi and found five lotuses in a tank. In order to make the flowers blossom he opened his left eye which is Chandra and immediately four lotuses blossomed. Sri Vishnu decided that Sri Lakshmi was in the 5th one and opened the 5th flower and Sri Lakshmi appeared and the Lord embraced her. This place came to be known as Thiru Nagari. Since Lord Sri Vishnu embraced Sri Lakshmi at two places, Thiru Vali and Thiru Nagari they are combined and considered as one Divya Desham. Thiru Mangaiazhwar and Kulashekara Azhwar have sung in praise of this Lord. This is the place where Thiru Mangaiazhwar defeated Thiru Gnanasambhandar in discussion and obtained a Vel from him. In this temple there is a statue of Thiru Mangaiazhwar like a hunter holding a Vel in his hand. The temple tank is supposed to contain the water from the Ganges.

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