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Sri Chandra Bhagawan Thiru Koil - Sri Kailasa Nathar Thingalur, Thiruvaiyaru, Tanjore District, Tam

This temple in Thingalur is located on the road from Kumbakonam to Thiruvaiyyaru running parallel to the river Cauvery and is about two km from Thiruvaiyyaru. There is an entrance arch from the road through which the temple can be reached.

The main deity is Lord Sri Shiva known as Sri Kailasanathar and the goddess is Sri Periyanayaki. There are shrines each for Sri Ganesha, Sri Dakshina Murthy, Sri Bhairava and Navagrahas. By the side of the Nava Grahas is the Idol of Sri Chandran. The abhisheka thirtham of this god is supposed to cure snake bites.

The legend is one devotee of Thirunavakkarasar by name Apputhi Adigalar invited Thirunavakkarasar for food and at that time his son was bitten by a snake but was cured after the abhisheka thirtham was administered to him.

** Unlike the other temples where the Nava Grahas will not face each other, in this temple all the eight Planets are seen facing Sri Surya and worshipping him.

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