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Sri Yoga Srinivasan Perumal - Thiru Nandhipuravinnakaram Kumbakonam District, Tanjore, Tamil Nadu,

This temple is popularly known as "Nathan Koil" and is situated at a distance of five kms south of Kumbakonam. The Moolavar is Sri Yoga Srinivasan also known as Sri Jagannathan; He is in a sitting posture facing west and the Thaayar is Sri Shembagavalli. The legend is at the time of Samudara Manthanam; Sri Lakshmi Devi came out and was looking at the feet of Lord Sri Vishnu. A desire arose in her mind that she should get a permanent place in the Lords chest and so she did penance.

The Lord Sri Vishnu, pleased with her penance, permanently installed her in his chest. Sri Lakshmi while doing the penance was facing east so the Lord faced west and married her.

Another legend says that Nandi did penance for Lord Sri Vishnu and he obtained darshan, hence this place is known as Sri Nandi Vinnapuram. This is another example of unity between the Vaishnava and the Shaiva sects. During Aipasi (October-November) Abhishekam is performed for this perumal for the welfare of the Universe.

The clay at this place is very famous and articles made of this clay are very popular. It is believed that paddy seeds if stored in the pots made of this clay provide a better harvest.

Thirumangaizhwar has sung in praise of this God.

This Vaisnavite temple is the Navagraha Sthalam for Sri Chandra Bhagawan.

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