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The hymns of the Veda Mantras are meant to protect Dharma and maintain cosmic Order. The Vedic tradition has been preserved for several centuries through strict system of memorization by heart. The Vedas are the manifestations of Divine words in human speech. They are the quintessence of profound immeasurable and infinite wisdom. The Mantras maintained in the Vedas are of immense significance.

The chanting of Veda mantras is expected to ensure fulfillment of specific desires, overall welfare of an individual and people of the entire society. It will bring freedom from fear, diseases; protect the family and the Society as a whole. In compliance with the directions of the Acharyas of Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam, Kanchipuram Nithya Veda Parayanam has been started from the first day of Tamil month, Thai of “Virodhi” year (Jan 2015) at the Dhyana Mandapam before the Mahaswamigal Adhishtanam at the Sankara Math, Kanchipuram.

The sole aim of this Parayana is general welfare of the community, increase the fertility of the soil, to invite Varuna to maintain peace, calm etc.

The Parayana start at 5 PM and conclude by 6 PM every day. About 30 Vedic Pandits are participating in the Nithya Veda Parayana. Vidwath Sambavana is around Rs.4,000/-. per day and the amount is spent from the Kanchi Math.

Devotees are requested to participate in this Vedic promotion Scheme by contributing Rs.4000/- for a single day participation in a year or to contribute Rs.50,000/- towards Corpus Fund created for the purpose. The amount may be sent by crossed Cheque or D.D. in favour of Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam Nithya Veda Parayana Scheme, Kanchipuram



Address for Communication

1. Srikaryam & Agent,

Kanchi Sankara Math,

No.1, Salai St., Kanchipuram—631501

Ph. 044-27222115

For any queries please contact

2. D.Sivasubramanian,

New No.9, Narasimman St.,

West Mambalam, Chennai-60033


3. N.Subramanian,

“Sri Ramajayam Flats”, Old No 16 New No,33, Loganathan Colony,

Mylapore, Chennai-600004


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