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Varadarajaswamy Temple Consecration ceremony at Shahaji Rajapuram/ Tiruvisalour village near Tanjore

Dear Friends/Devotees

I am glad to inform all friends/well-wishers that Trustees of old Varadaraja Swamy temple at Thiruvisalore village near Kumbakonam have planned to perform Consecration ceremony/kumbavishakam for all deities’ installed in that temple on 27th August 2017 and invitation cards containing religious programme details and bank Trust account details for your generous contribution for the noble cause are enclosed along with this letter for your information. Varadaraja Swamy Temple history details and prominent Vedic Scholars, and Devine Nama sankeertan saints lived in that village are indicated in separate article which is being sent once again for your ready reference. Further the same article is available in website thanjavur parampara .com so that public world over will come to know importance of village. All of you might be aware that Renowned Vedic Scholar Ramasubba Sastrigal who contributed lot ,for promotion of Vedic Research, /Education and effective functioning of Vedic/ Religious institutions like Veda patasals , century old Temples constructed by kings spent his entire life in that village for establishment of Sanathana Dharma for welfare of entire community. Further prominent saints like Sadashiv Bhrimandral, Sathguru swamigal and Sridhar Ayyaval also lived in Thiruvisalore during that period when Maratha King Saraboji ruled Tanjore. During their period all religious activities, festivals on auspicious occasions were conducted on grand scale in both Shiva and Vishnu temples due to moral and financial support rendered by Maratha kings who ruled entire Thanjavur district. In later period due to inflation and other constraints as already enumerated in article such religious activities could not be conducted in the same way on all auspicious occasions in those temples.

The temples built by kings in rural villages thousand years ago stand in the garb of a beggar rarely able to afford even enough rice for daily offering /Neivedyam to deities. An abhishekam (Ritual ablution) is out of question due to exorbitant cost of items like ghee milk sandal wood paste required for all idols. Further meagre or no returns from temple fertile lands leased to different cultivating tenants are bane of many old temples for past few years in Tamilnadu whether run by heritage trustees or administrated by state Hindu religious and charitable endowment department. Tenants give only 25 percent of produce against 75 percent as rent and government protect them from eviction if they fail to pay as per lease agreement. Frequent moratoriums on rent payments are always given to them by government.

The renovation of Sri varadaraja swamy temple is nearing completion due to financial support given by most of devotees from Tiruvisalore village and devotees from all community settled at various places in India and western countries .Vedic group members from Toronto Canada and westerner Dominick Sanskrit professor Albert university Canada who collected Ramasubba sastrigal palm / paper manuscripts for his research work during his visit to thiruvisalour in 2005 participated for above noble cause by way of liberal contribution to honour the Vedic scholar. However trustees seek liberal contribution for noble cause from public settled at various places for completion of pending renovation work and kumbabishekam and for temple corpus fund scheme so that interest from deposit amount contributed by devotees will be used for performing daily puja Prasad offering to idols /public and for other religious activities on auspious occasions and for covering normal temple administrative expenses in future.

The divine power has unified devotees belonging to that village to carry out renovation work without delay so that pending work can be completed prior to consecration ceremony which is to be conducted on 27th Aug 2017 Sunday at Thiruvisalore temple. .Nevertheless the work would not have been possible without divine guidance and magnanimous participation from devotees spread worldwide.

Trustees would like to extend their heartfelt thanks and gratitude to every individual who helped them to restore the glory of temple and made this possible by liberally contributing towards the noble cause. Trustees and villagers welcome all to participate in the kumbavishekam on 27th august 2017at thiruvisaloor village. Kindly treat this as personal invite and request all devotees to attend the holy function and get blessed by the almighty.

For further details you can contact following trustees of that village temple

T.N.Radhakrishnan cell no-- 9488418702

T.R. Subramanian

Ramanathan / Ramji.. – 9444056727 e-mail –

Trust account details for on line transfer of contributions from devotees settled at various places and philanthropical institutions like Shankar Mutt are indicated below for your ready reference.

Bank of Baroda Veppatur branch details

City Union Bank Kumbakonam main branch. 149 TSR Big Street.


A/C Holder – Tiruvisalur Sri Vardarajaswamy Trust

A/C Number--05380100008501

A/C No- 500101011050104

A/C Holder----Sri Thiruvisalur Srivaradarajaswamy trust

IFC Code- CIUB0000004




Reposting it from Amritha Vahini Google group.

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