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Perambur is a tranquil village located adjacent to the Town of Nidamangalam (4 Km) in Tiruvarur District (formerly Thanjavur District). It is an embodiment of cultural richness and heritage of Indian Villages. Since ancient times, Perambur with its unique divine aura has attracted many great Scholars and Kings.

Perambur derives its name from a Tamil word (perambu + oor= perambur). Later it was renamed as Vedhrapuri by Sri Maha Periyavaa. Perambur is one among the seven villages commonly known as “Sampradhaya Gramangal”. Neighbouring villages are Mullaivaasal, Rishiyur, Poovanur and Royapuram. River Cauvery, the Ganges of South India strides through Perambur as “Korai Aaru”. The name ‘Korai’ (Goram) indicates its rampageous nature. Cauvery nurtures the agricultural lands, gigantic trees and paddy fields flourishing in its banks. Other rivers like Sarpa Nadhi (Paamani aaru) and Swetha Nadhi (Vennaaru) also flow in and around Perambur, adding more colours to its beauty. The farmers are blessed with all fortunes by these rivers making them stay obliged forever.

Perambur folks are wise, compassionate and it would appear as if they are one family. There is an ‘Agraharam‘, in which only Brahmins are living. In the earlier days, there were about 60 residences in the Agraharam and nearly one hundred Scholars (Veda Pundits and Vaidheegas) were residing in this village. At present, there are about 20 houses here. These Brahmins belong to the following Gothras-

  • Mouthgalya

  • Naithribha Kasibha

  • Koushika

  • Koundinya

  • Srivatsa

Though Perambur is a small village, there are seven temples located here. They are as follows-

  1. Sri Akilandeshwari Samedha Jambunathaswamy temple

  2. Sri Booma Devi Samedha Varadharaja Perumal temple

  3. Sri Dharma Sastha temple

  4. Sri Govindharaja Perumal temple

  5. Sri Kedhaar Linga Swamy temple

  6. Sri Ayyanar temple

  7. Sri Elankaliamman temple

In addition to the above temples, ‘Sri Bhagavan Nama Bojendhra Swamigal’s Mutt’ and ‘Radha Nilayam’ which was established by Guruji Sri Muralidhara Swamigal are located in the Agraharam itself and are well maintained. These shrines enhance the divine vibes of the village manifold.

Sri Jambunathaswamy temple

Sri Akilandeshwari Samedha Jambunathaswamy temple is a historic shrine that was built by 2nd Kulothunga Chola many centuries ago. In this temple, other Sannadhis like Pillaiyaar, Dakshinamurthy, Subramanya swamy, Kasi Viswanathar, Chandikeshwarar (with ambaal), Kaala Bhairavar, Suriyan, Madurakaali, Sanishwarar and Navagrahas are also there. Pillaiyaar Sannadhi of this temple belongs to Vaidheegas, who take the responsibility for its renovation and maintenance. Recently, on 14th June 2017, the Maha Kumbabhishegam was performed in grandeur. Large number of devotees, including about 500 devotees belonging to Perambur and presently living in various places, attended the Maha Kumbabishegam with much interest.

Sri Booma Devi Samedha Varadharaja Perumal temple

The speciality of this temple is, it is constructed with red stone and karungal upto Vimanam. Every year Vasantha Utsavam is conducted in a grand manner and hundreds of devotees participate in this Utsavam.

Sri Poorna Pushkala Samedha Dharma Sastha Temple

This temple is the ‘Kula dheivam’ for most of the families belonging to Naithribha Kasibha Gothram. Every year, Panguni Uthram is celebrated in a grand manner and about 250 devotees participate. In addition to that, the Kula Dheivam families frequently visit this temple to get God’s grace. Last year, on 26th June 2016, Maha Kumbabishegam was performed to Sri Dharma Sastha in a pious manner.

Sri Radhe Nilayam

Sri Radhe Nilayam was established with the blessings of Sri Krishna Premi and Guruji Sri Muralidhara Swamigal. This is being maintained by Sri Guruji. Bhajans are held here frequently.

Other temples

  1. Sri Ayyanar Temple

  2. Sri Kedharlinga Swamy Temple

  3. Sri Elangkaali Amman Temple

  4. Sri Govindharaja Perumal Temple (under renovation)

Sri Bhagavan Nama Siddhantha Bojendra Swamigal (1638–1692)

Perambur village has a unique legend behind it. The great Mahan, “Tharaka Nama Poojyasri Bhagavan Nama Siddhantha Bojendra Swamigal”, the 59th Madathipathi of Sri Kanchi Sankara Mutt lived here for about 6 years before moving to Govindhapuram where he attained salvation. He has left his Padhuka in this village for the people to worship.

When Sri.Bojendra Swamigal was in Perambur, he was invited for Bhikshavandhanam by a couple. He initiated them with Rama Nama and then agreed to visit their home. All arrangements were made in the house for Swamiji’s arrival. The host had a five year old child who was deaf and dumb since his birth. As all the householders were busy, eagerly preparing for Swamiji’s arrival, the child was not fed anything and was left unnoticed. The child was really hungry. When Swamiji arrived, he was greeted with respect by the family members and was served Bhikshai. Then Swamiji noticed the little boy standing and gazing at the food. Swamiji compassionately asked the boy to come and eat with him. When the child didn’t respond to his call, his parents told Swamiji that the boy was deaf and dumb. Hearing this, Swamiji became very sad that the boy could neither hear nor chant Rama Nama, which would shower him with happiness and lead him to almighty. The parents tried to console Swamiji but he was not able to eat anymore and left the place. As the family was seeing the saint off, the hungry child ran and ate the food left over by Swamiji. When the family members came back, they were stunned! The dumb boy was dancing and singing the divine names of ‘Rama.. Krishnaa... Govindhaa...’ The joy of the parents knew no bounds. They shed ecstatic tears praising the grace of Sri Bojendra Swamigal. From then the couple led a happy life, chanting Rama Nama and doing good deeds.

An ardent devotee of Sri.Bojendra Swamigal, Marudhanallur Sri Sathguru Swamigal staged the Arangetram of Ashtapathi Bhajan and Nama Sankeerthanam at Perambur in front of Sri Varadharaja Swami Sannadhi.

Earlier, Sri Bojendra Swamigal Mutt was established in the Korai river bank with Swamigal’s Padhuka. Now the mutt has been re-established in the Agraharam and Pujas are being performed regularly. Every year during the first Dhwadasi of the month Purattasi, Aaradhanai for Swamigal is being celebrated by singing Bhajans and Namasankeerthanam and performing Srardha Sampradhayam as in Govindhapuram. Hundreds of devotees participate in this Aaradhana.

This year on 17.09.2017, Aaradhanai was celebrated in a grand manner. Even now, a Sthoobhi is there in the river bank for Swamiji’s rememberance.

Sri Subbu Swamigal

The great Bhagavathar, Sri Subbu Swamigal lived in Perambur 80 years ago. Once during the “Vasantha Utsavam”, Sri Subbu Swamigal was singing the 24th Ashtapathi in the Varadharaja Perumal temple. Sri Maha Periyavaa who had come to Poovanur at that time decided to meet Sri Subbu Swamigal and reached Perambur all the way by walk. On arriving at Perumal temple, Sri Maha Periyavaa listened to the Ashtapathi by hiding himself among the crowd. Once Sri Subbu Swamigal completed the Bhajan, Sri Maha Periyavaa came out, addressed him with reverence as “Swamigale!” and praised him. Sri Maha Peryiava has also visited Sri Subbu Swamigal’s home.

In his house an Olai-chuvadi which has ‘Valmiki Ramayana’ written in Sanskrit by Ashtaavadhaani Brahmmashri Subramaniya Sastrigal is still there. Sri Maha Periyavaa has also eagerly read this Olai- chuvadi.

Another Rig Vedic pundit and Sanskrit scholar Maharajasri Sundara Ganapadigal has also lived in this village. Maharajasri Gopala Krishna Sasthrigal (96 years old), the Grandson of Ashtaavadhaani Brahmmasri Subramaniya Sastrigal is a great Sanskrit and Tamil pundit living in Chennai. They are ardent and close devotees of Kanchi Maha Periyavaa.

All the credits for nurturing and maintaining Perambur with spirit would go to the respectable elders living in this village and their forefathers.


Of all the beautiful villages in Tamil Nadu, Perambur has really got something divinely unique and special in it, with which it has attracted so many legends and scholars. The divine vibration and aura of this place is mind blowing. The peace of mind that we tend to lose in the hustle and bustle of city life can be easily attained by merely visiting villages like Perambur. All readers of this article are requested to visit Perambur at least once along with their kith and kin.

It is inevitable to show children and younger generation the heritage, traditions and aesthetic beauty of villages. We all know that “Villages are the back bone of India and youngsters are the future of our Nation”. Indeed, it is the responsibility of youth to visit villages, learn about them and apply their knowledge to improve and preserve them. It is high time that we begin to preserve these villages and cherish them in order to help them flourish more, which in turn would light up million lives.

More photos are attached herewith:-

Jambunatha Swamy

Sri Boomadevi Samedha Sri Varadharaja Perumal

Sri Kedharlinga Swamy

Sri Bojendra Swamigal Mutt

Thanks to Selvi. Bhavishya.G, Chennai for writing and sharing this article.

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