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Spectacular Akshaya Thridhiyai in Kumbakonam - April 18,2018.

Hinduism is rife with festivals that bind our age old traditions with the roots. Akshaya Thiridhiyai, a festival that brings in eternal prosperity is loaded with spiritual significance.

It was on this day, Thretha yuga started.

Sage Vyasa started compiling Mahabharatha with Lord Ganesha on this day.

Lord Parasurama, the son of Maharishi Jamadhagni and mother Renuka appeared on this day.

Sudhama visited Dwaraka to meet his friend Lord Krishna and offered a very humble gift of handful of puffed rice.

Kubera was made the Lord of Riches on this auspicious day.

River Ganges descended to the earth from the heaven on this day.

Pandavas received the Akshaya pathra from Lord Krishna during their exile.

Temple city Kumbakonam celebrates Akshaya Thridhiyai with great religious fervor. Special pujas and rituals in various temples mark the occasion, the highlight being the grand Garuda Sevai, at the big street.

Processional deities from important Vishnu temples line up to bestow their grace on the devotees.

Glimpses of Akashaya Thridhiyai 2018 in Kumbakonam

Courtesy : Smt. Malathi Jayaraman, Kumbakonam

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