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Vadapathimagalam Sri. M. Venkatramani Bhagavathar - Mridangist

Re-posting it from FB.

Thanks to Sri. Cuddalore Gopi Bhagavadhar for his great initiative and service - PAKKA VADHYA NAMA PRACHAR through facebook posting. Reposting it with some addtional details received.

Shri. Venkatramani bagawathar a legend in Konnakol and Mridangam. Started learning mridangam in 1955 under the tutelage of the great Mridangam Vidwan Tiruvarur Shri Kunju Iyer and his son, Shri Nagarajan.

I really don't know how many of us were born at that time. Played almost to all senior musicians of ester years and the new gen artist. He has accompanied a lot to Shri. Srivanjiyam Ramachandra bagawathar, Shri. Mayavaram Krishnamoorthy bagawathar Shri. Vamans bagawathars and all leading bagawathas. His kainkaryam at mutts is applaudable. From 1960 till date, he has been playing with same zeal and enthu. A role model to next gen youngsters. 60 years in a field needs very great recognition. For his age, knowledge and service he is very simple humble and contended. A great personality and currently staying in Mayavaram.

Mridangam & Konnakol

Area of Accomplishment:

  1. Has been awarded and recognized as the “Aasthana Vidwan” by Shri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam, Kanchipuram.

  2. Has been bestowed with the title of “ Mridanga Laya Chintamani” by the Thiagaraja Trust, Tiruvaiyaru.

  3. Has received a citation from Krishna Gana Sabha, Chennai for active participation in all the music festivals.

Also an Approved Artiste with All India Radio, Trichy


Sri. Cuddalore Gopi Bhagavathar FB posting

Additional details - Accomplishment and guru's name added by getting the details from Sri. Venkatramani Bhagavathar.

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