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Camp Gangalakurru - Yatra Updates - 12 Dec 2022

Visit to ancient Kshetras, Bhumi Puja at Mukkamala and visit to settlements in Gangalakurru village

On 12/12/2022, His Holiness after performing Trikala Puja went to Someshwarswamy temple at Kotipalli, Siddhi Vinayak Swami temple Ainavalli, Mukteshwarswamy temple at Mukteshwaram, Mukkamalla village to perform Bhumi Puja for Kamakshi temple, returned to Gangalakurru village and visited every settlement in the village.

All the temples are very ancient and form the spiritual & cultural identity of Godavari civilization. To visit Kotipalli, the entourage along with vehicles had to cross Godavari river through big boats and reach the temple. Sri Venugopal, Minister in AP cabinet, belonging to that area took His Holiness to these ancient Kshetrams. Endowment officials and Archaka Brundam received His Holiness with traditional reception at all temples and special Pujas were performed. It was an evening filled with spiritual fervour during the visits. At Gangalakurru His Holiness visited all the different settlements and blessed people. The visits which started at 3 PM concluded at 11 PM.

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