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Shankara Jayanthi @ USA


(Late) Prof. Sundaraman (who’s on the left to us in the above photo). His Appa Sri Duraiswamy was very close to HH Sri Maha Perivaa & HH Sri Perivaa (& attained Mukthi before HH Sri Bala Perivaa took Sanyasrama Sweekaram)! HH Sri Maha Perivaa arranged for Prof. Sundararaman’s studies as he couldn’t afford his education in Annamalai University in those days! Maybe HH knew that one day Prof. Sundararaman will go to 🇺🇸 before Sri Adi Sankara & HH own Temple comes in 🇺🇸! If at all anyone can point one single human being who has volunteered so much for our Sri Matam in 🇺🇸 it’d be him! With his tireless efforts only we have this much of Anusham Pujas (easily about 1,000 every month across 🇺🇸 small, medium & big) happening! Vande Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam Guruparamparam 🙏🙏🙏🙏

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