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Sholapur Camp - 04 Feb 2024

During His Anugraha Bhashanam, the Acharyal yesterday in Kalyana Mandapam adjacent to Venkateswara swamy temple said that we should chant various slokas in the morning. One of the slokas His Holiness chanted was "अहल्या द्रौपदी तारा कुंती मंदोदरी तथा।

पंच्च कन्या: स्मरेतन्नित्यं महापातकनाशम्॥-

The Acharyal said that these names we should invoke daily. The very important point the Acharyal stressed was by invoking names of pancha kanyas,rishis and gurus, our thought process is full of positive removes the blocks of the mind.

His Holiness said that the great epic is Ramayana, But SageValmiki said that it is the story of Seetha. The names of great men and women instill in us the great qualities of these great men and women. sages and saints.

Mere utterance of the nama of Rama, bringing us before the embodiment of dharma, the qualities of which Sage Valmiki wanted to know from Narada whether anyone is there.

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