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Sri Parimala Renganathar Perumal Thiruindalur Mayiladuthurai, Nagapattinam District, Tamil Nadu, In

This temple is popularly known as Sri Parimala Rangan Koil. The moolavar is Sri Parimala Ranganathar. reclining on Adhishesha with four hands facing east and the Thaayar is Sri Parimala Ranganayaki also known as Sri Chandrashapa Vimochanavalli. Planet Chandra (Moon), who is known as Indhu was cured of his curse here and thus, this place came to be known as Indalur. There is a statue of goddess Sri Ganga near the feet of the Lord and goddess Sri Cauvery near the head of the Lord. Near this place, the river Cauvery joins the sea and during the month of Aipasi (October November) pilgrims from all over India come here to bathe at the Sangamam (Tula Saranam). This perumal holds five weapons: Shankhu, Chakram, Gadha, and Sword in each of his four hands while his Villu (bow) rests on his shoulders. For achieving success, it is customary to hang this Diety's picture on the exit wall of the house. Prior to starting for any assignment, if this picture is viewed and prayed by the devotee, success is assured through the grace of this Lord.

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