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In deference of the mission of this site, we do collect details of Septuagenarian, octogenarian and even centenarian hailing from or living in Thanjavur district or elsewhere.

If you or your relative or your friend happened to be a native thanjavur district, please collect and send us the below details to our mail id:

Personal Details






Spouse Name



Native Place

Kula Theivam




Daily Routine

Do you read any slokas or perform any poojas or any temple visit?


Details About Your Kids and Foretfathers

Have you inducted your kids to god worship and traditions?

Are they interested in our puranas?

Do they visit temples in the evening?

Do you follow any other form of worship?

Do they do Namaskarams to God befor going to school?

Do they do namaskaram to elders?

Have you named your kids after your father,grand-father?

Are they aware of their forefathers? (HH Sri Periya stressed this point)

Do you speak in mother tongue with your kids? (HH Sri Periya stressed this point)

Any Special incident about your Family?



Native Village

Any historic events happened in your village?

Any religious heads or gurus lived in your village?

Have you visited the village recently?

How often you visit your village?

Are there temples there?

If they(temples) are not well maintain, did you take any steps to restore?

HH Sri periyava's Advice : it is our duty -ask ur kids to send money for this taskHH Sri Periyava's Vision on this : Once in a year all family members must gather there





Do your family follows varalakshmi pooja?

Any other special pooja(peculiar) to you family?

You and your family's connection with sri matam

Any Specal Dhaanam?

Any experience with mahaperiyava, present acharyas?

Your View PointYour message to the present day generation.

What is your suggestion to preserve our culture?

Any other information you wish to share?


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