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Sri Swetha Vinayakar Temple Thiruvalam Chuzhi, Swami Malai, Tanjore, Tamil Nadu, India

This is another very large Sri Shiva temple, but once again, the importance is for Sri Ganapathi. It is situated a little interior of the Kumbakonam -Tanjore trunk road and the actual location is on the connecting road to Swamimalai. Even though the god is known as Sri Valampuri Vinayagar the trunk of the Sri Ganesha is turned to the left, which means that this is actually an Sri Idampuri Sri Ganesha. This village is known as Thiruvalamchuli due to the fact the river Arasilar is rounding this temple in a pradakshinam towards rightside.

Inside the Sri Shiva Temple, there is another Sri Ganesha Idol with the Valampuri trunk. In mythology, it is said that before the devas and asuras started churning the Paal Kadal to extract Amritham they had forgotten to get the blessings of Sri Ganesha and as a result they met with many obstacles. Later, when they realized their mistake, they made an idol of froth from the sea water and prayed. This Pillaiyar is made of ocean foam known as Sri Kakka Pillaiyar and because of this there is no abhishekam but only karpoora Aarati. This Sri Ganesha Idol is in a separate shrine, in the outer compound at the entrance, near the Raja gopuram.

A special feature is, it has a marble window with 16 holes to view the god, which is a rare phenomenon and not found in any other South Indian temple. This temple can be easily located by seeing an arch on the Kumbakonam — Tanjore road on the right side as soon as one passes the village Darasuram.

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