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Sri Thamaraiyalkelvan - Thiruparthanpalli Tiruvengadu, Nagapattinam District, Tamil Nadu, India

This is about five kms from Thirunangur. The moolavar is Sri Tamaryalkelvan and the Utsavar is Sri Parthasarathy. The moolavar is in a standing posture facing east and the thaayar is Thamarai Nayaki. The legend is Arjuna once came to this place; he felt thirsty so he asked Sage Agastya for water. By the time Agastya brought his Kamandalam to Arjuna, it was empty. Agastya through his Gnana drishti understood the reason and told Arjuna to ask Sri Krishna for water, since Lord Sri Krishna will grant Arjuna anything he asks. Lord Sri Krishna appeared before Arjuna with a sword and asked Arjuna to dig into the earth using the sword. Arjuna did accordingly and found water from the Ganges. Hence this place came to be known as Parthan Path. There is also a legend that Lord Sri Krishna gave darshan to Varuna as Parthasarathi.

Sages Agastya, Gouthama and Bharadwaj have performed penance at this place. Since water was obtained from here by digging with a sword (Kadga or Kaththi) the water tank in this temple is known as Kadga Pushkarani.

There are also temples for Arjuna and Agastyar at this place. This Parthasarathy is supposed to have come from Kurukshetram. Dasharatha has performed yagam at this place. Both the Moolavar and the Uthsavar stand with the three consorts: Shridevi, Bhudevi and Neeladevi and this Kolam is only unique to this Divya Desham.

There is also another shrine for Sri Rama who holds his Shankhu, Chakra, Gadha, Villu, and Ambhu. He is known as Kola Villiraman and his shrine is inside a Garden. In the month of Thai (January) there is a festival held for this Lord.

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