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Rare hymn on Lord Surya from Shamba Puranam and Chapter 13

Courtesy: Sri.K.Muralidharan Iyengar

Dear All,

Greetings and Namaste. As Rata Saptami (a.k.a. Surya Jayanti) was on 26-Jan-2015 (Monday) and in that connection, I am happy to share a rare hymn on Lord Surya from Shamba Puranam and Chapter 13.

Though hymns on Lord Surya can be found in all puranas, Shamba Purana is the only one which is entirely attributed to Lord Surya. The other one is Saptami Kalpa, though more voluminous than Shamba Purana, appears as part of Bhavishya Purana.

As you would see in the hymn, Lord Brahma mentions that Lord Surya Himself manifests as Lord Brahma/Vishnua/Maheshvara and He indeed is the Paramatman (paramAtmeti vikhyAtaM yad rUpaM tasya te namaH). At the end of the hymn, Lord Brahma once again explains the greatness of Surya (not included in the hymn). As we have been repeatedly seeing in all the purans, though there are innumerable forms in which the Paramatman is manifested for the benefit of mankind, it is height of ignorance to confuse self (and others) by infusing non-existent vital statistics differences among various Murthis of Paramatman, however esoteric such theories are claimed to be. Such machinations are non-prescribed and therefore are illogical imaginations run amuck.

May We Pray To Lord Surya with this hymn on His Jayanti.

Pls. find below the hymn in different languages

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