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Commentary - Sri Periyava Procession @ Malleshwaram

Yesterday I went to Malleswaram. Swamigal was in procession seated in a pushpa prabha chapparam,while a Perumal temple occurred enroute suddenly HH Sri Periyava stopped and gave pushpam, fruits me to be offered to the deity inside on his behalf, then the time was 8 .00 PM nearly. So I went inside the temple Sri Venugopalan Sannidhi and submitted them and returned home by 10 PM.

But really it was a grand procession in Bangalore where devotees were standing on both sides of the road with folded hands and reverence

The procession was nearly for 2 to 3 km and it was a grand success revealing the popularity of Sri Kanchi Mutt among people of another state.

Minister Sri Ashwath Narayana also came and paid his obeisance before starting of the procession in Sri Kanya Parameswari temple

Commentaries by Sri Kannan, formerly Professor of Mathematics, Sasthra University and an eminent Sanskrit Scholar and Veda Pandit, on the visit of Sri Periyava Temples in Malleswaram and to our mutt there.

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