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Motivational Speech for IAS Aspirants

-by Dr. D.P Agarwal (Former Chairman of UPSC)

Highlights in the speech of the chief guest, Shri. Dr. Agarwal, former UPSC chairman.

  • Any aspirant for IAS should have a fire in them always and focusing their attention only on the target of passing out the exams comfortably and to secure ranks. Just parents' pressure / parents inspiring the aspirant is not enough.

  • Should be prepared for hard work and should be inspired by seniors in service.

  • Though it is advisable to work hard to pass out in the first attempt, never mind if taking 3/4/5 chances.

  • Please have clarity of mind and be truthful to self and in learning from correct, good, and authentic books.

  • One common exam for all the services is for the aspirants' good only. Optional subject in prelims was removed as recommended by reforms commission.

  • Appreciation of numbers is required in candidates, so the second paper has number manipulation.

  • Don't have casual approach in writing the exam.

  • A paper on Ethical Standards was made compulsory as we felt Ethical Standards based decision is needed in the bureaucratic set up all over the country.

  • What is needed among students is the questioning mind.

  • Prelims is very difficult. The second paper is like a qualifying paper to wash out not so serious aspirants. Remember that we have to select only 1200 candidates among 5 lakh plus applicants.

  • As an examinee your motto is not to attend all the questions but answer all well known questions first and the rest later to ensure max marks.

  • Concentrate on prelims. Coaching centers can only guide you.

  • I would like to advice learning by self, and try to give your own answer for any question. No shortcut for achievements and only hard work will get you the reward.

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