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Sri Agni Pureeshwarar Temple Perunthalai Kudi, Nagapattinam, Tamil Nadu, India

The main deity in this temple is Lord Sri Shiva known as Sri Agnipureeshwarar and the goddess is Sri Abhayambigai. This is a very old temple dating to the period of Mahabharata. The temple was almost in ruins but was renovated by devotees in 2010. This is a very small temple situated among paddy fields in a small village near Kezhavelur in the Nagapattinam District. This temple is surrounded by 4 other temples and pujas were performed by Pancha Pandava brothers. Dharmar (the eldest of the Pandavas) workshipped in the temple later known as Sri Dharmapureeshwarar with goddess Sri Parvathavardhini. The second brother Bheema worshipped Sri Bhimapureeshwarar along with goddess Sri Abhirami Ambal. Arjuna the third brother worshipped at the Sri Agnipureeshwarar Temple (the main temple). The twin brothers Nakula and Sahadeva worshipped at the Sri Vedapureeshwarar and Sri Kubhera at the last temple of Sri Devapureeshwarar.

Adjacent to this temple is a small Sri Aiyyanar temple in the form of a kaval deivam.

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