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Sri Angaraka Bhagawan Thiru Koil - Sri Vaideeswaran Vaideeswaran Koil, Sirkazhi, Nagapattinam Distr

This temple is in Sri Vaideeshwaran Koil. This is a famous temple dedicated to Lord Sri Shiva known as Sri Vaideeshwaran. The town itself is known as Vaideeshwaran Koil and is connected by road and rail. The main entrance is on the western side as well as, there are entrances on the eastern and southern side. As you enter through the western gopuram, one can see lot of shops. Inside the temple on the right hand side is the shrine for Lord Sri Ganesha. By the side, there is a big tank in which devotees offer jaggery which is supposed to cure stomach ailments. Salt and pepper are the other offerings. In front of the tank, facing south, is the sannidhi of goddess Sri Thaiyal Nayaki .Inside the sanctum is Lord Sri Shiva facing west and on the northern side is Lord Sri Subramanya known as Sri Muthu Kumara Swamy and facing north is Sri Durgai Amman. On the eastern Side of Lord Sri Shiva are installed the Nava Grahas in a row instead of the usual square and by the side is Spatigalingam. On the southern side of the main temple, there are the Idols, each of Sri Ganesha, Sri Dakshinamurthy, Sri Jatayu and Sri Sevvai. The main navagraha installed in this temple is Sri Sevvai — Sri Angaraka on the eastern "Praharam" as a separate shrine. This place is known as "Sri Angaraka Kshetram" and by worshipping this planet, Sri Angaraka dosham (Sevvai Dosham) is rectified. By the side of this shrine is the idol of Sri Palani Andavar. Sri Vaideeshwaran Koil is also famous for nadi joshyam (Olai Chuvadi) and the temple is surrounded by astrologers known nadi joshiar's.

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