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Sri Annan Perumal - Thiru Vellakulam - Annankoil Thirunangur, Nagapattinam District, Tamil Nadu, In

This is about three kms from Sirkazhi and is considered as one of the eleven temples connected to Thirunangur. The moolavar is Sri Annan Perumal in a standing posture facing east and the Thaayar is Sri Alamelu Mangai. There is a tank outside this temple with water which is white in colour and hence, called Vellai Kulam and the place is also known by this name.

The legend is a King of Sri Sooryavamsha named Sri Dondhu Maran had a son named Sri Shwethan. When he was nine years old it was predicted that he will not live a long life. However, their family Guru Sri Vashishta told the boy to go to this place and chant Sri Mrithyunjaya mantra. The boy obeyed; he came to this place and chanted the mantra for one month under the ViIva tree on the bank of Vellai Kulam tank. Lord Maha Vishnu gave him darshan and blessed him with long life. Since the boys name was Shwetha this place came to be known as-Sri Shwethd Pushkarani and in Tamil as Vellai Kulam.This god is considered to be the elder brother of Lord Sri Venkatesa of Tirupati and hence the temple is known as Sri Annan Koil.

In Thirumala, Lord Sri Venkatesa stands separately from the Goddess Sri Alamelu Mangai who is in Tiruchanur which is at the foot of the hills near Tirupati; however, in this temple Lord Sri Venkatesha and Sri Alamelu Mangai are in the same sanctum. This is a unique feature of this temple. There is a separate shrine for Sri Kumudha Valli Naachiyar. Devotees pray to this Lord for Puthra Bhagyam, Kalyanam, and Deerghayush. This place is also known as Then Tirupati.

Thiru Mangaiazhwar has sung in praise of this Lord.

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