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Sri Chemponrangan Perumal - Thiruchemponsei koil Thirunangur, Nagapattinam District, Tamil Nadu, Ind

This temple is in the centre of Thirunangur and the Moolavar is Sri Chemponrangan and the Thaayar is Sri Alli Mamalar Naachiyar. The legend is after killing Ravana; Sri Rama came to this place and stayed in the cottage of Sage Sri Dridanethirar. At his instance Sri Rama made an idol of a cow in gold and gave as Dhanam to a Brahmin. Since Sri Rama made the cow in gold with his own hands this place came to be known as Thiru Ponsei Koil. This God came from Uroiyur in Trichy and stands with his two consorts as he does in Uroiyur. A person by the name Kashyapar lived a very poor life at Kancheepuram and came to this place where he was given Upadesham of Thirumanthiram. He chanted this Manthiram 32,000 times in three days and subsequently, became very wealthy. Thiru Mangaiazhwar has sung in praise of this Lord.

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