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Sri Devaathi Rajan Perumal - Thiruvazhandur Kuthalam, Nagapattinam District, Tamil Nadu, India

This temple is located near Kuthalam on the trunk road between Kumbakonam and Mayiladuthurai. The Moolavar is Sri Devaathirajan in a sitting posture and the Thaayar is Sri Sengamalvalli.

The legend is that in Gokulam, Sri Krishna was grazing cattle, when he left the cattle for some time Brahma stole the cattle and hid them at them at this place. Sri Krishna made another set of cattle with his yogic power. Brahma repented and prayed to Sri Krishna for pardon. Hence, his place came to be known as Aamuruvi Nirai Mekum Amara Koman, where Sri Krishna sat.

Another legend says that a King by name Sri Uparishavasu had a Vimanam, which allowed him to travel anywhere. Once when resolving a dispute between the Devas and Asuras, he did not give an impartial judgement. The Rishis were angered by this and cursed that the King should lose his Vimanam (Ther), which then fell into a lake at this place was submerged in the water.

This place came to be known as Therazhandur ( the place where the chariot was immersed). There are eleven sannidhis in this temple. The great Tamil poet Kambhan was born in this place and there are statues for Kambhan and his wife inside this temple; recently a Kambhan Mantapam was also constructed. This is also the place where Sage Sri Markendeya attained Mukthi. There is an idol for Prahladha for which pooja is performed every day. There is a statue for goddess Sri Cauvery also.

Another legend is that once Indra the Lord of the Devas gave one Vimanam and one Diamond Crown to Garuda and asked him to give them to two Vishnu's whom he considered as especially sacred. Garuda gave the Diamond Crown to "Selva Pillai Perumal" at Thirunarayana Puram (Mysore) and the Vimanam to Devadirajan at this place. Since then the idol of Garuda is placed by the side of the Perumal. Thirumangaizhwar sang in praise of this Lord.

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