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Sri Kudamaadumkuthan Perumal – Thiruarimeyavinnakaram Thirunangur, Nagapattinam District, Tamil Nadu

This temple is about eight kms from Sirzhali. Generally people call this place Kudaimaadu Koothan Koil. The Moolavar is Sri Kudaimaadu Koothan in a sitting posture facing east and the Thaayar is Sri Amrithagada Valli. Sri Han came and settled here in order to destroy the enemies of his devotees. The name Sri Kudaimaadu Koothan is given to this Lord, since he danced here holding Govardhana Mountain as an umbrella (Kudai). Another version of the story says that Lord Sri Krishna danced holding Kudam in his hands as he did at Gokulam. Thiru Mangaiazhwar has sung in praise of this Lord.

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