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Sri Mayura Natha Swami Thiru KoilMayil aduthurai, Nagapattinam, Tamil Nadu, India

Mayiladuthurai or Mayavaram, in Nagpattinam District is an important railway junction on the main line connection Chennai – Egmore to Kumbakonam. This ancient town is on the banks of the tail end of Cauvery at a distance of there km. The legend says that Sri Dakshayini, on being insulated at the yaga performed by her father Sri Daksha ended her life by jumping into the Sacred Fire of the yaga and took the form of a Pea Hen in her next birth. She did penance and worshipped Lord Sri Shiva. Sri Shiva appeared and they were united at this place. Since she took the form of a Mayura, this Sri Shiva is called Sri Mayuranathar and the goddess is known as Sri Abhayambigai. This temple is very old and large in size. The Sri Shiva is in a Linga Form and the goddess is in a separate shrine with three eyes, Abhaya Hasta, and a smiling face. The bathing festival on the first of Thula Masam (middle of October) in the river Cauvery is considered very holy. It is believed that on this day the three holy rivers: the Ganga, the Yamuna and the Saraswathi mingle with waters of Cauvery and Pilgrims get the benefit of bath in all four rivers concurrently. Thousands of pilgrims throng to this place for a dip in the holy waters. Sri Muthusamidikshithar has composed krithis in praise of goddess Sri Abhayambigai.

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