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Sri Bhodendra Swamigal Brindhavan Govindapuram, Aduthurai, Tanjore, Tamil Nadu, India

Govindapuram is a small road side village on the road between Thiruvidaimarudur and Adudurai in the Tanjore District. Sri Bodendra Swamigal, the 59th disciple of Sri Adi Shankarar, was once travelling on this road and when he reached Govindapuram he distinctly heard Sri Rama Namam being repeated by some invisible voice. He stopped at this place and made his permanent abode chanting Sri Rama Japam. Later he attained Jeeva Samadhi here and the place became famous like Mantralayam, Jeeva Samadhi of Sri Raghavendra Swami. A Thulasi Brindavan was established. Now a beautiful building resides in this area containing photos of great saints adoring the wall. The place of worship is installed with beautiful idols of Sri Rama. There is a beautiful kalyana mantapam with a life size idol of Sri Anjaneya. A ghoshala with about 35 cows and calves are maintained along with one horse. Free lunch is given to the devotees and the expenditure is met by donations. This is a very peaceful place where one can sit and chant Sri Rama Japam as well as Sri Vishnu Sahasranamam. Marriages, Shastiabdapoorthi, Sadhabhishekam as well as upanayanams are performed here. A branch of the river Cauvery called Veera Cholan runs behind the Mutt where pilgrims bathe. Today, pilgrims can stay in cottages close to the building.

The following Slokas depicting Guru Parampara of Adi Shankara will furnish the list of Gurus.

"Sada Siva Samararambham Sankaracharya Madhyamam Asmad Acharya Paryantam Vande Guru Param Param"

Meaning: I salute the lineage of teachers', beginning with Siva, the Lord, linked by Sankaracharya in the middle, and extending down to my own teacher.

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