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Sri Andu Alakum Ayyan - Thiruadanur Swami Malai, Tanjore District, Tamil Nadu, India

This temple is also on the same road as Kapisthalam and Boothangudi. The legend is the celestial cow, Kamadhenu did penance for Lord Sri Vishnu at this place and hence this place came to be called as Adhanur.

Another legend is once Sage Sri Brighu gave a garland to Indra, who then handed over the garland to his elephant, Airavatha. The elephant threw away the garland and this angered Brighu and he cursed Indra that he should lose all his power and wealth. Sri lndra repented and asked for Shapa Vimochana, whereupon Brighu told him that Goddess Sri Mahalakshmi will be born toliim as 'a daughter and Lord Sri Vishnu will come and marry her and at that time if he comes to this place he will be cured of the curse. Accordingly Sri India came for the marriage and worshipped Lord Sri Vishnu and regained his wealth and power.

The main deity is known as Thiru Adhanoorar and the Thaayar is Sri Bhaargavi. The god is facing east and is in a reclining pose keeping a " Measure " (Alakkum Padi) under his head and a Ezhuthani (writing pencil) in his hand. Since Kamadhenu performed penance here, there are two statues for Kamadhenu and her daughter Nandhini. In the Mantapam there are two pillars as in Sri Vaikuntam. The belief is that if a devotee embraces these two pillars they will not have rebirth. Out of the 108 Divya Deshams, this is the only place other than Sri Rangam where these two pillars are found installed. While, in Sri Rangam the two pillars are covered with Gold Plating in this temple they are in brick and mortar.

Another legend is a daughter of a Kashmir king was possessed by a Brahma Rakshasa and so he came to this place with his family and was relieved.

Thirumangaizhwar has sung in praise of this Lord. Thirumangaizhwar while involved in the construction of the temple at Sri Rangam was short on funds and prayed to the Lord. The Lord with a turban on his head and ezhuthani and padi in his hand came in the guise of a merchant and gave the funds. Thirumangaizhwar asked the merchant why he has come with an empty measure. The merchant said if he surrenders to him and prostrates three times he will get enough funds to pay the labourers, but only the sincere persons will get the money. When this was done the sincere devotees were given gold coins from the measure while the others got only sand. The Lord left, but Thirumangaizhwar followed him up to this place where Lord Sri Vishnu gave darshan with a Padi and Ezhuthani in his hands and afterwards took rest by placing the Padi under his head. Another legend is a German lady by the name, Aunty Payodin, and her husband, Mr Miller were living separately. Both of them came to India to do research on Indian temples. By coincidence, both came to this place and were united.

Another legend is God Sri Anjaneya on his way from Lanka to Ayodhya rested at this place for two days. Later Sri Rama also came and enquired whether his Bhakta Sri Anjeneya came and stayed here and also left his Paduka at this place.

There is an idol of Sri Anjaneya called as Veera Sudharshana Sri Anjaneya as well as two Padukas of Sri Rama at this temple. This Vaisnavite temple is the Navagraha Sthalam for Sri Guru Bhagawan.

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