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Sri Dhenupureshwarar - Sri Durgai Amman Temple Patteswaram, Kumbakonam, Tanjore, Tamil Nadu, India

Patteeswaram is about three km from Thiruvalamchuli and 5km from Kumbakonam. This famous Sri Durgai Amman is in a standing position and darshan can be experienced immediately upon entering the temple. The left foot of this goddess is slightly ahead of the right foot by a few inches. Behind this Sri Devi temple there is a big Sri Shiva temple in the same compound which is worth visiting and worshipping. The name of the Lord is Sri Denupureeshwarar.

The legend is Lord Sri Shiva gave a canopy of Pearls (Muthu Panda!) to the saivite saint Sri Sambhandar on a hot summer day, to provide shelter and also made the Nandhi move aside so as to allow the devotee to have darshan of the Lord.

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