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Sri Nageswaran Temple Kumbakonam, Tanjore, Tamil Nadu, India

This is a big Sri Shiva Temple and is situated on the right side of Kumbheshwara Temple. The main deity is Lord Sri Shiva in Unga form known as Sri Nageshwara facing east and the goddess is Sri Periyanayaki in a separate Shrine outside the sanctum facing south. Since this is in the South side of Kumbheshwara temple this is also known as Kizha Kottam.

The Rajagopuram has five levels and is constructed in such a way that on Chitra Pournami day the sun's rays fall on the Sri Siva Lingam tracing the gopuram Kalasham. Outside the main shrine there is a Sri Nataraja mantapam in which Lord Sri Nataraja is installed in the Thandava form. By his side is the idol of Sri Uma devi with a thalam in her hands as well as an idol Sri Gopalakrishnan as if playing the flute. The entire mantapam is constructed in the form of chariot with huge wheels divided into 12 portions depicting the 12 Rasi's and drawn by two horses and four elephants. The mantapam is called Sri Gopala mantapam.

At the foot of the Kodimaram is the idol of Sri Nandi. Inside the sanctum there are idols of Sri Padai Vetti Mariamman, Sri pralaya Kala Rudra,Sri Valampuri Vinayagar, Sri Saptha Mathaas, Sri Subramanya, Sri Vaideeshwaran, Sri Suryan, Sri Somaskander and Sri Chandikeshwarat The inner prakaram is known as Sri Shiva Voli mantapam. At the entrance of the sanctum there is a Vinayagar known as Sri Thandu Oondriya Vinayagar. There are also idols of Sri Dakshina Murthy, Sri Ardanareeshwarar and Sri Brahma. The temple is supposed to have been constructed about 1500 years ago.

The main deity Lord Sri Shiva is a small Bana Lingam on a big Avudayar, This Linga was supposed to have been worshipped by Sri Surya. During the month of Chittarai on the 11th, 12th and the 13th sun's rays fall on this Linga; huge crowds of devotees come to witness this rare occurrence. On Sundays special Poojas are performed for the Sri Pralaya Kala Rudra during Rahu Kaalam (4:30 to 6:00 pm).

There is an idol of Sri Shiva known as Sri Umai Oru Paadam. His hands are placed on the head of Nandi and the pooja is performed on Sundays, Tuesdays and Fridays and is believed that such pooja if performed will unite separated couples. There is another idol of Sri Vinayagar known as Sri Jwara Hara Vinayaga known to cure all types of fevers.

On the south west corner there is a small shrine for Nagaraja and people used to come to worship the planet Rahu before the Thiru Naageshwara temple became famous as one of the Navagraha places.

This temple is attached to Hindu Religious Endowment Board. The ambal is in a standing posture with Abhaya Hasta and is decorated with Chandanam Kaapu during Navarathri.

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