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Sri Prananatheeswarar Temple Thirumangala kudi, Aduthurai, Tanjore, Tamil Nadu, India

This temple is located between Adudurai and Suryanar koil. The main deity is Sri Shiva known as Sri Prananatheshwarar and the Goddess is Sri Mangalambikai. The legend is that all the Nava Grahas showered their blessings on a sage called Kalava to cure him of his leprosy. The Nava grahas were cursed by Brahma to be affected by the same disease since they interfered with the course of destiny. However for Vimochana from this curse, the Nava grahas were advised to worship Lord Sri Shiva in this temple and they were cured.

Another story says that Analavanan, a Minister of the Chola King Sri Kulathunga , constructed this temple out of the revenue of the government without the king's permission. Analavanan was be-headed by the king, but due to the intense prayers of his wife, Analavanan got back his life. Since god performed this miracle, he was known as Sri Prananatheshwarar and the goddess Sri Mangalambikai. Anybody who worships here is bestowed with long life and the ladies with sowmangalyam. One can also relieved from the malefiede effects of the Nava grahas. There is also a small temple for Mangala Vinayaga. The Theertham is called Mangala Theertham and the temple tower is Mangala Vimanam. The goddess is in a bridal dress with a MANGALASUTHRA in her hands and hence, the temple is otherwise known as Pancha Mangala Sthalam.

Saivite Saints Sri Appar Sundarar and Sri Ramalinga Swamigal have sung in praise of this god.

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