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Sri Sukra Bhagawan Thiru Koil - Sri Agni Pureshwarar Kanchanoor, Aduthurai, Tanjore District, Tamil

This temple is about one km from Suryanar Koil and is dedicated to Lord Sri Shiva known as Sri Agni Pureeshwarar and the goddess is Sri Karpagambikai. As in the case of Guru, there is no separate idol for Sri Sukra, as he is the teacher of the Asuras.

Lord Sukra is supposed to have merged inside the idol of Sri Shiva and hence archanas and abhisheka is performed for him only. Sukra is the planet who is supposed to bestow all good things especially wealth and happiness and worshipping in this temple gives peace of mind to the devotees. Here abhisheka is performed for the Lord only on the first Friday of each Tamil Month.

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