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Sri Uppiliappan -Thiruvinnakar Kumbakonam, Tanjore District, Tamil Nadu, India

This place is about seven kms from Kumbakonam on the way to Karaikal. The legend is a devotee by name Sri Thiru Thulaidevi requested Lord Sri Vishnu that just as you have kept Sri Lakshmi in your chest, she should also be given the same place. Vishnu told her to go to earth and become a Thulasi plant, and informed her that when he comes to earth, he will wear Thulasi Mala in his chestas equal to that of Mahalakshmi. He also said that even goddess Sri Lakshmi attained her seat in his chest only after severe penance. Accordingly Thiru Thulaidevi performed penance at this place and became a Thulasi and even todaythe Lord is adorned with Thulasi garland only.

Another legend is Lord Sri Markendeya wanted to get his adopted daughter married to Lord Sri Vishnu. After 1000 years of penance he saw a small baby under a tree and brought her up as his own child. This baby was none other than goddess Sri Mahalakshmi. One day an old Brahmin came and requested Markendeya to give his daughter in marriage to him. Sage Markendeya told him that he is a very old man, whereas his daughter is just a child and even does not know to put salt while cooking. Thereupon the old man told Sri Markendeya that he would not mind taking food prepared by this child without salt. Sri Markendeya offered his daughter in marriage and the old men revealed himself as Lord Sri Vishnu. Thereafter in this temple all Neivedyam is prepared without salt and the Lord is known as Sri Uppillatha Appan.

The Moolavar is called Sri Oppaliappan (a person without comparison) and also as Sri Uppiliappan (a person who takes food without salt). The God is in a standing posture facing east and the Thaayar is Sri Bhumi Devi or Sri Bhumi Naachiyar.

The idol is very tall and is a replica of Tirupati Sri Balaji. He is considered as the elder brother of Lord Balaji, and the devotees who could not go to Tirupati can do their worship and offer kanikkai at this place which is considered as equal to worship at Thirumala. Just like Tirupati Suprabhatham here is a separate suprabhatham for this god. The god is adorned with a gold garland with thousand dollars bearing the thousand names of the Vishnu Sahasranamam. The palm of the God is Sri Varadha Mudra, in which the following inscriptions "Sarva Dharman Parithejya, Mam Ekam Sharanam Vraja" (leave all Dharma and depend only on me) is inscribed.

Even though Nammalazhwar has sung in praise of many Divya Deshams this place is more sacred since Lord Sri Vishnu has given darshan in 5 forms (Thiru Kolam) as Ponnappan, Maniappan, Muthappan, Ennappan and Thiruvinnagarathan. Nammalazhwar, Thirumangaizhwar, and Poigeazhwar have sung in praise of this Lord. It is believed that river Vijaya which flows in Vaikuntam also flows at this place named as Nataru (Dakshina Ganga).

This Vaisnavite temple is the Navagraha Sthalam for Sri Saneeshwara Bhagawan.

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