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Sri Guru Bhagawan Thiru Koil - Sri Abath Sahaya Eshwarar Alangudi, Thiruvarur District, Tamil Nadu,

This is also a Sri Shiva Temple and Sri Shiva in Lingann form is known as Sri Abathsahaya Eashwarar - one who helps in times of distress and the goddess is Sri Elavar kuzhali.

There are separate Shrines for Sri Amman and Sri Shaneeshwara.

On the southern praharam is installed the idol of Sri Dakshina Murthy, in whose form the planet Guru is supposed to have been merged. Since Guru is the teacher of Devas better known as Sri Brahaspathi, there is no separate idol for Sri Guru.

Sri Dakshina Murthy is worshipped as Guru and the abhisheka and archanas are performed for him only. Devotees light twenty five lamps in this temple and place the first one for Sri Ganesha and the other 24 for Sri Guru. They also perform twenty four pradakshinas.

Since Guru Bhagawan is supposed to move from one rasi to another once in a year known as 'Guru Payarchi', great importance is given to this and special poojas are performed as Guru is supposed to bestow all good things to the devotees, when placed in certain rasis in their horoscopes. Worship in this temple is supposed to ward off all the evil effects of Sri Guru Bhagawan.

Sri Dakshina Murthy is known by this name because he is supposed to be sitting in the north on the Himalayas facing south. He is also as "Mouna Guru" or Silent Teacher. He carries a book on one hand signifying knowledge and holy beads on the other. A mere glimpse by the Lord will endow the devotee with all knowledge. The Guru is supposed to be young whereas the shishyas are all aged rishis.

He is described as below in Sanskrit:



The meaning is that he is the teacher for the entire world, medicine for all diseases, treasure house for all knowledge and hence prostrate to Lord Sri Dakshina Murthy.

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