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Sri Rajagopal Swami Temple Mannargudi, Thlruvarur, Tamil Nadu, India

Mannargudi is the centre of erstwhile district of Tanjore now trifurcated as Tanjore, Nagpattinam and Thivruvaroor. This is a huge temple situated in Mannargudi town and the presiding deity is Sri Krishna in the form of a cow herd with a stick in his hands. By the side of the main deity there is a small cradle in which a srriall idol of baby Sri Krishna is placed known as Sri Santhana gopalan. When couples come to this temple to pray the idol of baby Sri Krishna is placed in their lap and soon after, it is said that they will be blessed with a child. In India, there are three idols of Sri Krishna said to be particularly beautiful and one among them is this Sri Venugopalswami, the other two being Sri Krishna of Guruvayur in Kerala and Sri Krishna of Udupi in South Kanara in Karnataka State.

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