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Sri Shiva Temple Tila tharpanapuri, Poonthottam, Thiruvarur, Tamil Nadu, India

This temple is located at a distance of a few kms from Poonthotam railway station on the Mayiladuthura-Thivruvaroor route. The Idol of Sri Ganapathi is without an elephant face and trunk, since this Ganapathi is supposed to have come to this place before his original head was cut by Sri Shiva and replaced by an elephants head.

Legend is that Lord Sri Rama wanted to perform the last rites of his late father king Sri Dasharatha and every place he chose to perform the ceremony, the pindams (rice balls) would break. Finally he came to this place and was able to perform the Shraddha for his father without any problems. Since water mixed with sesame seeds (ellu) was offered at this place, it came to be known as Thila Tharpana pun. Even now many people come here and perform Shardha for their ancestors as they do in Gaya, Kasi and Rameshwaram. If one informs the temple authorities in advance all necessary arrangements can be made prior to arrival, On the rear side of this temple, there are statues of Sri Rama performing Shardha for King Sri Dasharatha.

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