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Paruthiyur Sri Krishna Sastri

Paruthiyur Sri Krishna Sastri' revered as ‘Paruthiyur Periyava’ ‘Pravachana Pithamaha’ and ‘Ramayanam Sastrigal’ was a pioneer of Hindu religious discourses. He was considered the greatest exponent of the Ramayana, who had traveled all over India and had conducted discourses in various subjects spreading the knowledge. He was a versatile Sanskrit scholar well versed in Vedas, who was good with ragas and had conducted many Harikatha Kalakshepa, narrating story with music in a grand style. With good knowledge of the Sastras, he quoted from Pracheena Vyakyanas like Govindaraajeeya Kavyas and Thilaka Vyakyanas in his lectures and his Pravachanas made him most famous. Sastri was an avid connoisseur of Hinduism and a Philanthropist known for his Dhaana and Dharma and above all he was the greatest Bhakta with immense devotion to Sri Rama. Educated under prominent teachers like Sengalipuram Vaidyanatha Dikshitar Mutthannaval (1830-1893) and Mahamahopathyaya Mannargudi Raju Sastri (1815-1903), Sri Krishna Sastri had received Nama Sangeertan lessons and Mantropadesam from Marudhanallur Sadguru Swamigal and Vedanta Shravanam from 'Alangudi Periyava' Sri Swayamprakashananda Saraswathi. Sastri's life was dedicated to building and renovating temples, philanthropy, singing and talking about the glories of the Lord, thereby inducing bhakti and dharma in his large audiences. Over a hundred years ago in 1911, Thai month Krishna Paksham Dwadasi day, the same Thithi (Calendar day) when his Guru Sri Muthannaval attained siddhi, this Mahaan had a Viswarupa Darshan of Paruthiyur Rama and attained Mukti through 'Brahma Kapala Moksha'.


C. Raman Kaushik

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