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Ashta Veerattanam Temples

Lord Shiva made samhar of eight asuras at different places.


Verkudi Veerataneswarar Kovil-one of the ashta veerattanam (Lord shiva made samhar of eight asuras at different places ) temples.

Name of the Temple

Arulmiga Veerataneswarar Alyam

Period of origin

Before 7th Century

Name of deity



Sthala Theertham: Raktha Nathi,Chakra Theertham in the front and Sangu Theertham at the back.

Stalavriksham: Tulasi

Dhevaram: Thirugnanasampanthar


This Place is situated at the bank of two rivers,In ancient period it was called as COTHITTAI(Thittai means a place surrounded with water in Tamil)now it is known to be VEERKUDI.

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