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Salyamangalam,Thanjavur District

Bhagawatha Mela, Salyamangalam

Salyamagalam, a somnolent village in Thanjavur District comes alive during Bhagawatha Mela, a ritualistic worship. There have been uninterrupted celebrations of this worship for the past 365 years. The artists are mostly from traditional families and perform with utmost reverence and devotion. There is remarkable unity in the village and the guests are received with warmth and the hospitality is amazing.

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IMPONDERABLE BHAGAVATHA MELA: Bhagavatha Mela , Saliyamangalam( Achuthapuram )

A celebration of Nrisimha Jayanthi utsavam in Saliamangalam of Thanjavur district. Every year Nrisimha Jayanthi is celebrated in a grand scale there and prahlathacharithram is performed by only males on the night of Nrisimha Jayanthi in Telugu. The role of Lord Narasimha is being played people belonging to Kabhi goth ram and my father in law was playing that role till his life time. Now my brother in lae, Sri Vijayaraghavan who is the M.D. Of a mini steel plant in Belgaum (owned by four partners among whom my brother-in-law is one of the partner. He is now playing the role of Lord Narasimha from last year. It is done in a grand manner for three days and it is being given financial assistance from Govt of India.

If you need further details,Pls. contact '' and phone No. is 9845107667.

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