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Life History of Sri Ayyaval

सवभूतेषु संयातं वासदेवं ु सनातनम्। यः पयेत्े मभावेन स ह भागवतोमः ॥

"He who beholds with affection the eternal Lord Vaasudeva, pervading all living beings, is the best among bhaagavatas" (Vaishnava Samhitaa of Sri Krishnapremi Swamigal, Chap 13, Shloka 1)

Sri Sridhara Venkatesha Ayyaval was a true `Bhaagavatottama' in every sense, and saw the presence of the Lord everywhere. Even frogs croaking 'kar kar kar kar' in the rain, it seemed to him, were chanting the name of the Lord as 'Hara Hara Hara Hara'. Immersed always in thoughts of his Lord, he knew nothing else. To him, the whole creation was nothing but the

immeasurable love of his Lord.

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