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KONERIRAJAPURAM - Nagapattinam district


KONERIRAJAPURAM is a tiny village on the Kumbakonam Kaaraikaal route, about 2 kilometers south of Pudur and about 24 kilometers from Kumbakonam. Town buses are available from Kumbakonam to Konerirajapuram. The bus terminus is Vadamattam and Konerirajapuram is one stop before Vadamattam. Konerirajapuram was originally in Thanjavur district but now comes under Nagapattinam district. The village has a sub-post office, pin code 612 201, serving several villages around.

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K.V. BALASUBRAMANNIAN, now 73, fondly called as Baalaamani, was born in Konerirajapuram. His father was Brahmashree Vaidyanatha Sastrigal.At the age of 8, he joined the Veda Patasala at Thiruvidaimarudur and completed Veda Adhyayana under the guidance of Brahmashree Shreenivasa Sastrigal. Again at the instruction of Paramacharyal he continued his Vedic education (Veda Bhashyan) at Thiruvanaikkovil, under Brahmashree Balakrishna Sastrigal. Again he continued his Vedic Education – Kavya Paata at Kumbakonam Shree Rama Mandiram as per the instructions of Kmakoti Shree Paramacharyal.

When Shree Paramacharyal visited Elayathakudi, he found an inscription in a temple there, in which great information was found. The Elayahakudi village was given as maanyam to Atharva Vedis. So Shree Paramacharyal came to the conclusion that Atharva Veda was prevalent in Tamil Nadu and he was asking why it is not available now. He wanted to revive the Atharva Veda in Tamil Nadu. At that time, an All India Vedic Conference was held in New Delhi, in which a number of Vedic experts from all over India made their presence. In that conference, Brahmashree VASUDEVA RAMANIKLAL PANCHOLI, from Jillosinor, Baroda, represented the Atharva Veda group. He actually belonged to Atharva Veda Swasaakha, a very rare one. When he met Shree Paramacharyal, he asked him to educate his sons in Atharvaa Veda. Even though Shree Ramaniklal tried his best, he could not educate them in Atharva Veda fully because of their school and education. But Shree Ramaniklal agreed to impart the Atharva Veda to any other vidyarthi from any place. Shree Paramacharyal picked up Shree Balaamani from Konerirajapuram and one Seetharaman (place not known) to undergo training in Atharva Veda under the guidance of Shree Vasudeva Ramaniklall Pancholi at Jilosinor, Baroda.

Shree Baalaamani and Shree Seetharaman stayed at Jillosinor for 5 years and did a complete Adhyayana of Atharva Veda, making self cooking and simple living.

After completion of the study of Atharva Veda, Shree Baalaamani stayed at Varanasi for 2 years and at TTD Thirupathi for 30 years. As per the instructions of Shree Paramacharyal, Shree Baalamani educated some 14 students, including Brahmashree Parameshwara Deekshithar of Chidambaram, fully in Atharva Veda. Shree Baalaamani also worked as an Atharva Veda teacher in Tirunelveli-Krishnapuram Patasala in Tamil Nadu.

He retired from all his assignments in the year 2000, and now resides with his son at Chennai. Even now, he imparts the treasure of Atharva Veda to 2 vidyarthis who already learnt Rig Veda.

KONERIRAJAPURAM is a blessed village where people belong to all the four Vedas live in harmony.



Presently at BANGALORE

(080 - 266684083, +91- 8088119568).

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