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Lord Muruga in Penance

The Ancient Siva temple in Thirupenuperunthurai, called as Thiruppanthurai is one of the 275 Thevaram sanctified temples with inscriptions dating back to 907 to 942 A.D, the period of Paranthaka Chola. Later the brick temple was renovated using granite stones by the Chola king Karikalan.

It is at a distance of 12 Kilo Meters from the prestigious Temple City of Kumbakonam in

Thanjavur district of Tamil Nadu and around three Kilo Meters from Thirunaraiyur called as Nachiyar Kovil. The hamlet is situated on the banks of the river Arisil. The temple is surrounded by lush green paddy fields.

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Lord Shiva’s appellations are Sivanadeswarar, Pranaveswarar and Mahadevar. Here The Supreme mother is known as Mangalambikai and Malayarasi. Sage Thirugnanasampandhar has sung hymns in glory of Lord Sivanandeswarar.

Lord Murugan incarcerated the creator god Brahma since he failed to expound the pranava

Manthra, the essence of scriptures. According to the legend of this temple, Lord Murugan was

tormented by pangs of guilt after He put Lord Brahma behind bars. He felt that He had been too harsh on Lord Brahma, without a consideration for His age.

With a feeling of deep remorse He approached Lord Maha Vishnu and appealed to help Him out of this mental anguish. Lord Maha Vishnu advised Him to worship Lord Siva, the embodiment of compassion, in the form of Sivalinga. Heeding His advice, Lord Murugan consecrated a sivalingam in Chenganur village near Thiruppanandal and started worshipping. He could not find any relief and His distress intensified. He stopped communicating and wandered aimlessly with an agitated mind. Finally He came to this sacred place Thirupperunthurai on the banks of the river Arisil. When He was walking along the banks of the river He found Lord Sivanandeswarar in a grove of vanni. Lord Muruga who was observing silence till then, felt happy and regained His composure.

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He began His austere worship of Lord Sivanandeswarar. Lord was pleased with His devotion and blessed Him with a benevolent glance. Lord Murugan was totally relieved of His guilt and attained eternal wisdom.

This temple enshrines two idols of Lord Murugan. In the circumambulatory path there is a shrine for ‘Balamurugan’. Lord Murugan who did penance here is enshrined in the Maha Mandapam as Dhndayuthapani1, hair tied to a tuft atop the head and the right hand in chinmudra2. He has vajravel in His hands.

It is believed that anointment with honey to this deity cures dumbness and stammering. LordMuruga showers His infinite grace on all His devotees blesses them in abundance.

1 Lord Murugan standing alone with His spear is called as ‘Dhandapani’. This represents ‘Nirguna’ aspect which is free from delusion

2 A hand gesture in which the first finger is kept under root of the thumb.


Smt. Malathi Jayaraman


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