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A wedding hall. Nadaswarams and Melams were playing auspicious notes; the pleasant sound of kids running about here and there and playing could be heard. People were busy with their errands typical in a wedding.

The Mapillai started off on the Kashi Yathrai and when the parents of the girl whispered something into his ears, he returned. The ‘Oonjal’ ceremony happened where in coloured rice balls were thrown over the shoulders of the couple.

After that, the bride and the groom proceeded to the ‘Medai’ and sat down, hand in hand.

All of a sudden, in one stroke all these happy scenes came to an abrupt end. What happened ?

The bride who was sitting in the Medai suddenly collapsed and fainted. Simultaneously, an attack of ‘fits’ started. Her hands and legs were thrashing around and foam started appearing in her mouth. Her parents were in a panic. Both families were at a loss as to what to do next. A relative called for a doctor and she was carried away so that first aid could be rendered.

What to do next ? Will the wedding proceed ? Everybody was just stunned.

Oh God, what kind of a test is this ? This is the first time the girl has suffered an attack of fits. Does she even have a future now ?

Both families were devotees of MahaPeriyava. Even before even printing the card, the Anugraham of MahaPeriyava was obtained. Then how come something like this is happening ?

The Vadyar who was conducting the wedding came up with a suggestion which came as a huge relief to everybody.

“Look here, nobody needs to panic. There is a lot of time yet for the Muhurtam. MahaPeriyava is the saviour for people like us. Just have somebody explain to Periyava what has happened and request for directions. We will do just as He says” No sooner said than done – the SriMatam manager was informed and he informed MahaPeriyava in turn.

Periyava was silent for a few moments. “The Kuladeivam of the girl’s family is Mahamaayi. Let them pray to Her and fix some Veppalai leaves to her head; most probably she will become allright”

The manager conveyed this over phone to the girl’s family. The girl’s mother prayed to Mahamaayi, who was her Kuladeivam and placed a bunch of Vepallai leaves to the bride’s head. Miraculously, the girl regained consciousness and sat up !

Since the groom’s family were true devotees of MahaPeriyava, they did not express any objection and the wedding happened within the Muhurtam time.

After all the rituals were completed, both familes rushed to Kanchipuram.

“The wedding happened smoothly due to Periyava’s Anugraham”, the parents told Periyava humbly.

Periyava replied “Say it happened due to Mahamaayi’s Anugraham”, with a smile.

The girl’s father began “Periyava, my girl has never got an attack of fits like this….”

“She is FIT now”, said Periyava with His benign grace. “She will be fine” and blessed her with His Holy Hand. What more is needed ?

Fits was caused due to DeivaKuttam and she became FIT due to Periyava Anugraham

Source : Sage of Kanchi (

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