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With the blessings and guidance of His Holiness Sri Periyava of Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam, Sri Kamakshi Srividya Samiti, a part of Sri Pratyaksha Charitable Trust has launched a website on 9th June 2016. You may kindly browse the site and listen to the Anugrahabashanam of His Holiness Sri Bala Periyava and understand about the site and its purpose.

The site will offer an online course called “Gruhini” that would run for eight months with new course content posted every week. The first batch starts on the 1st July, 2016. New batches are to be started every month, starting from August, 2016. The course is for Brahmin girls/women of age 15 and above. It is Periyava’s direction that the applicants from India have to get a recommendation from their family purohit/ sastrigal/temple priest. Those applicants residing outside India, have to send their completed applications through the Mutt representatives identified by Periyava residing in their respective countries.

In the Courses menu of the website, you have Introduction to the Course in English and Tamil as two audio files and text files. In addition you have the Application form, Course Overview and Course Contents. You have detailed instructions as to how to apply, in the third page of the Application form. You may use it to send it to your friends, relatives who are likely to enroll for the course.

Please try to encourage as many as you can to enroll in the course.

- Sampradaya Kanchi

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