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The Glory of 18 Vadhyama Villages - Part 3


Arasavanangadu is small and beautiful village located in Kodavasal Taluka of Thiruvarur district, Tamil Nadu. It is on the main road connecting Kumbakonam and Tiruvarur.

Latitude. : 10.97775

Longitude: 79.29145


Arasavanangadu is a small village with two lines of around 50 houses in the Agraharam. It's nearness to the main road, state high way connecting Kumbakonam and Tiruvarur makes an easily reachable village. In fact, was a bus service between Kumbakonam and Tiruvarur in early years when they operated services using coal and steam. They could accommodate only around 35 persons with a front entrance and a back entrance separated by a divider. Travelling in a front seat was a status in those days. The conductor won't allow more persons than the allowed number. Getting a seat used to be a luck on certain days. There used to be two stops for Arasavanangadu, one called as 'Arasavanangadu Kadai' known as 'Vandayar Kadai' and the other 'Sumaithangi'. (Sumaithangi is a facility one could see on the roads in those days, where to poles will hold a big stone at a height of say, 5 feet. It was used to be a place for travellers on foot to keep their baggage, which they carry generally on their head, for some time to take rest. ). Those who had to go to the Agraharam usually got down at Sumaithangi. Those who were proceeding to Sembangudi used to get down at Vandayar Kadai. There was one smiling personality in the shop by name Seeni Mama who used to be very hospitable to those coming to board the bus.


According to the latest census there are 422 families residing. The Arasavanangadu village has population of 1588 of which 766 are males while 822 are females as per Population Census 2011. In Arasavanangadu village population of children with age 0-6 is 157 which makes up 9.89 % of total population of village. Average Sex Ratio of Arasavanangadu village is 1073 which is higher than Tamil Nadu state average of 996. Child Sex Ratio for the Arasavanangadu as per census is 1243, higher than Tamil Nadu average of 943.


Generally, students from this village go to high school in Kodavasal called as Board High School, high schools in Tiruvarur. When a high school started functioning in Sembangudi it was in easy reach for students here.


There is a hospital near Vandayar Kadai which has been functioning for at least the last 60 years for catering to the health needs of nearby villages.

Places of importance near the village:

Enkan is an abode of Sri Subrahmanya swamy which is situated at a distance of 5 kilometres from this village. It is a pleasure to see the beauty of the idol here which has a story behind it. Tirukkannamangai, one among the 108 divyadesam with Sri Bhakthavathsala Perumal is about 10 kilometres on the road connecting Tiruvarur and Kumbakonam. This is also one of the Pancha Krishna Shetrams. Perumal is so captivating here. Also, temples at Manakkal and Srivanjiyam are are at a distance.

Culture Religion and related events:

There is a Sivan Koil and a Perumal Koil. Nowadays each Pradosham attracts a lot of people to Sivan Koil. Generally, people from this village belong to Gautama Gothram. Narayana Bhattar and Kailasanatha Bhattar are reported to be the earliest members of this Gothram.

The village was blessed by great and enlightened personalities. This Village had the benefit of guidance from Sri Varahoor Swamigal, Sri Nagapattinam Swamigal, Sri Nalloor Swamigal. Sri Varahoor swamigal Aradanai is being done in grand manner by the people of the village under the leadership of Kizakkathu Ramamurthy Iyer. Over the last two years the function was additionally blessed by Maha Rudram organised by the efforts of A S Kalyanam Former Secretary MDS. He brought 100 Vedhik Scholars from Chennai and performed Maha Rudram on the eve of Aradanai day .

Socially related Features:

This village has a Vriddhashram which looks after the needs of aged people from our community and other related communities. Sri R Kalyanaraman ( Ex Naval Dock yard) opted for voluntary retirement in 1980 to do service at our village. He is running the Old age home with a strength of 20 inmates. Only nominal charges (ranging from Rs 1000 to Rs 3000) depending upon the paying capacity of inmates are collected. Most of them are disabled persons. But they are looked after with parental care.A few who go abroad for short period leave their able and disabled dependent in the care of old home.

Article Courtesy: Professor Krishnamurthy Kalyanaraman


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