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Vedic Scholar Ramasubha Sastrigal

This article is about the famous Vedic Scholar Ramasubha Sastrigal who lived in Thiruvisaloor during period 1840 to 1922 and mentioned his immense contributions for highlighting hidden secrets in our old Vedic Litrature and his various service activities with due support from Tanjore Martha ruler for proper maintenance and administration of old famous Varadaraja Swamy Temple and efferts taken for promotion of Vedic education by establishment of Veda patasala at Thiruvisaloor Village during his life time.

Dr Dominik Wujastyk (London) in Ramasubha Sastrigal manuscripts. A kaveri Delta collection reports on a visit of Dr Dominick to Thiruvisaloor village on the banks of River Kaveri near Kumbakonam where Martha king Shahaji of Tanjavur founded an Academic community around period 1693 .Special attention is paid to the works and manuscripts Library of Ramasubba Sastrigal an active intellectual scholar from that village ,whose family members still today energetically maintain the intellectual Tradition started by members of King Shahaji's academy.. German who visited Thiruvisaloor took interest and collected all valuable Vedic manuscripts and books written by Ramadubba sastrigal for his research work from decedent of Vedic scholar in 2005 and detail information regarding type of documents collected is already indicated ln my earlier mail which is being sent once again for your ready reference. Renovation ,Kumbabhisekam and related religious activities for that temple are to be conducted before the end of present financial year 2017 as per plan indicated Trustees of that village. Trustees appeal to all devotees residing in India and all over the world to render financial support by way liberal contribution for above noble cause and secure the blessing of Varadaraja Perumal and fulfil the dream of Devine Vedic Scholar for establishment of Hindu Sanathana Dharma in our land. We must give credit to westerners who have got keen interest in learning and undertaking research work to know the hidden secrets in our old Vedic manuscripts and Hindu Vedic Philosophy where as no body from Indian community take interest in undertaking above task to know the hidden treasure highlighted in old manuscripts written by saints learned scholars like Ramasuba Sastrigal .Further no media coverage or websight are available pertaining to Vedic related subjects and prominent Vedic scholars who toiled hard to establish Hindu Sanathana Dharma. RENOVATION AND KUMBAVISEKAM FOR OLD SRINIVASA PERUMAL KOVIL AT TIRUVISALOUR ( Main Diety Srinivasa Perumal and utsavar Varadha Raja Swamy photos are attached along with the draft.) Thiruvisanallur also called Thiruvisalur (formerly known as Shahaji rajapuram) is a beautiful village located , amidst lush green paddy fields, citron trees wild lemon plants , mango jackfruit plantain groves, , and varieties of organic vegetable, fruit orchards with egolic sylvan surroundings of coconut Trees, on northern bank of Kaveri river near Kumbakonam in Thanjavur district of Tamil Nadu. The village is known for the Sivayoginathar and kasi viswanath Temples, dedicated to Lord Siva and Varadaraja perumal koil dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Srinivasa perumal is main diety in Sanctum Santorum of temple and utsavar idols are Varadaraja Perumal and Goddess Sridevi ,Bhudevi in that famous old Vishnu temple situated in Thiruvisaloor agraharam near Vedapadasala . Devotees from all places Amirit vahini foram and Kanchi mutt have taken initiative recently for renovation of old Vedapadasala . The history of Thiruvisanallur can be traced to the time of the Medieval Cholas who established the village as Vembarur or Solamarthanda chaturvedimangalam. There are inscriptions dating to the time of Raja Raja Chola . The Thanjavur Maratha king Shahuji endowed Thiruvisanallur to forty-six Brahmins as a brahmadeya in the year 1695. Following this endowment, the name of the village was changed to Shahajirajapuram. During that period, a Hindu saint by name Sridhara Venkatesa Ayyaval a companion of the Shankaracharya Bodhendra Saraswathi settled down in Thiruvisanallur and founded the Sri Sridhara Ayyaval Mutt.Further marudhanallur Sathguru Swamigal was born at Thiruvisaloor and pursued his religious activities for few years in that village and nearby places before shifting permanently to Marudanallur. Apart from above renouned saint Sadhasiva Brimandral had vedic education for longer period at Thiruvisaloor prior to shifting his base to Nerur for attaining Samadhi at his old age. Ramasubha sastrigal who was staunch devotee of god Vishnu and renouned Vedic scholar lived in Thiruvisaloor and his residence is next to Vedapadasala near Varadaraja perumal Kovil. After his demise, His descendents residing in that house and few prominent persons settled in that village are managing all activities pertaining to Varadaraja Perumal koil and Sridhar ayyaval mutt. Present managing trusty TN.Radakrishnan who is grandson of Ramasubha sastrigal's elder brother Akshaya Sastrigal is monitoring the renovation and Kumbabhisekam activities of Varadaraja perumal Kovil along with other trustees who are native of Thiruvisaloor village. Most of manuscripts /Vedic research documents written by Ramasuba sastrigal are at Saraswati Mahal Tanjore. Few palm scripts were taken by Germans for their Vedic research study few years back. Ramasubha sastrigal photo is still preserved by his decedent temple trusty Radakrishnan at his residence situated adjacent to Veda patasala at Thiruvisaloor. Ramasubha Sastrigal who lived in Thiruvisaloor during period 1840 to 1922 was authority on sastras and was well known enough for some of his works mentioned in Krishnamachar's history of classical Sanskrit Litrature. During visit for his research work to Thiruvisaloor in year 2005 ,German Research scholar Hultzsch listed about 49 palm leaf manuscripts mainly on Dharma Sastras and 17 paper manuscripts on Vedanta in Ramasubha library at Thiruvisaloor. Most of his own compositions were written in Granda scripts on paper manuscripts. Further various books and manuscripts collected from ramasubha sastrigal family members residence were publications around period 1913 of original Sanskrit treatises written by Ramadubba sastrigal himself. Even though he is Smartha Brahmin devoted to Vaishnavisam he used to visit Siva temple also. He acquired spiritual powers and deep rooted Vedic Knowledge due his faith and devotion towards Srinivasa Perumal throughout his life. He looked after Temple administration and all religious activities of Varadaraja perumal Kovil along with other Trustees settled in Thiruvisaloor village. All festivals and religious activities like Homam yagyam and Puja for all dieties were conducted in grand scale at Varadaraja Perumal koil in the past and temple had enough fund and landed properties due to envolement and support given by famous Martha king Saroboji Maharaja of Tanjore ( Decendent of Vengoji , cousin brother of Sivaji Maharaja).Thiruvisaloor was called inam village and there was no interference in temple administration even during British Rule.Tenents who undertook cultivation of fertile lands belonging to above temple on lease promptly paid the agreed quantum of food grains due to temple.Trustees and king emissaries took care regarding welfare of priest and employees attached to both Vishnu and Siva temples at Thiruvisaloor village.In spite of financial constraints and lethargic attitude of Tamil nadu government towards temple maintenance for the past about 20 years, Trustees and devotees mostly native of village, ensure that Puja festival and various religious activities are conducted in that temple promptly as usual every year. Expenses envolved for all religious activities and payment of salary to priest etc are met by way contribution from Devotees and trustees who are native of Thiruvisaloor village. Moolavar main Diety Srinivasa Perumal in Santum sanctorum is swayambu diety and utsavar Varada Raja perumal vigraha / Sridevi Bhudevi idols were given to the temple by Martha king of Tanjore. So many devotees health,personal and domestic problems were solved due to miracular powers and blessing of perumal residing in that temple.It is unfortunate that Vishnu and Shiva temples at village thiruvisaloor where Devine saints lived, have not become prominent due to non availability of web sight and media coverage. Even Sridhar ayyaval mutt has become prominent only few years back due to efforts taken by Krishna Premi Swamigal , udayalur kalyana Raman and Ramakrishna Bhagawadar who look after all religious Puja activities of mutt for the past 12 Years. Krishna Premi Swamigal used to conduct religious lectures at Varadaraja Perumal koil during his regular visit to Ayyaval mutt every year for attending Ganga utsavam function . Srinivasa Perumal appeared before king in dream and directed him to locate the spot where Honney is falling from konnam tree on Nattan canal mud near Uppali appan Koil which is about 6 km away from Thiruvisaloor village. King was instructed to take out all the four idols ie Varadaraja Perumal , Sri Devi ,Bhudevi , and Goddess Kamakshi buried under the canal mud at that spot and install the Varadaraja perumal and Lord consort Sridevi Bhudevi idols/vigrahams at Thiruvisaloor Srinivasa Perumal Koil. King was instructed that other Devi Kamakshi golden idol can be installed in his palace temple. Kanchi Paramacharya instructed several times that famous old temples constructed by kings , which are in dilapidated condition in remote places should be renovated and adequate fund should be made available by way of contribution from all sources for conducting important religious activities festival daily Puja etc and for covering additional administrative expenditure envolved for proper maintenance of temple. More funds by way of public contributions are available for newly constructed temples in all metropolitan cities but prominent old temples having marvel architecture structure for ensuring generation of positive energy in Sanctom Santorum where main diety is installed , are neglected. There are in pathetic condition due to non availability of fund even for conducting daily Puja and offering enough rice and related food items as neivedyam to main diety. Foreigners visit only such temples for getting mental peace through prayers and meditation. They have done lot of research study in old temples constructed by kings and published their findings regarding architectural beauty of temple construction and spiritual powers of main deities installed in such temples. Further meagre or no returns from temple fertile lands leased to different cultivating tenants are the bane of such old temples for the past 15 Years throughout tamil nadu .Tenants give only 25 percent of produce/ yield, against agreed quantity 75 pecent as rent and government protects them from eviction in case they fail to pay as per lease agreement. Frequent moratoriums on rent payment have also been given to them by goverment. State Hindu Religious and charitable Endowment Department could not find appropriate solution to sort out above problem . The trust committee members of Varadaraja Swamy Temple appeal to all residing in India and abroad to render financial support by way of Liberal donation for renovation and Kumbabhisekam of vishnu temple and for meeting additional expenses envolved for performing Pujas, Homam and various religious activities for all deities installed in temple. Donation can be made by account Payee cheque favouring Varadaraja Swami koil Trust, Tiruvisalour. Bank details are given below to facilitate on line Transfer. Tiruvisalour Varadaraja Swamy Trust. Savings Bank Account Number in City union Bank .Kumbakonam main Branch . SB A/C No 500101011050104 IFS Code--CIUB 0000001 MIR CODE--612054002 Above detailes are available in the PDF Attachment enclosed with the mail Looking forward your generous financial contribution for the above noble cause for prospority of entire humanity. Regards TKS.MOHAN MUMBAI Member of Amritha Vahini Forum.

Note-- contact persons cell Number to get additional information. T.N.Radakrishnan Cell no 9488418702 9445293787 Ramji Cell no 9444056727

2nd and 3rd photos--Srinivasa Perumal (Main Deity)

1st and 4th photo --Varadaraja Perumal ( utsavar)

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