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A note on Karadayan nonbu on 14-3-2018

The Karadayan Nolumbu(nombu) commemorating the epic story of Savithri regaining her husband from Lord Yama is celebrated at the last few minutes before the end of Masi(Kumbam) month and before the beginning of the month of Panguni(Meenam) .Normally all unmarried ladies and married ladies with husbands alive(sumangali) offer sweet as as well as salt Adai (made of rice harvested in the Kar season-May june ) , butter, banana fruit along with Vettilai Pakku to the Goddess and a yellow thread which is offered in the pooja is tied by themselves or their mother in case of Unmarried ladies and tied by the husband in case of Sumangailis.

At that time they chant

Dhram gruhnami subhage sahardhraam Dharami aham bharthu Ayushya Sidhartham supreethabhava sarvadha

I am taking the thread ,Oh pleasant goddess, with affection , And I am wearing it for long life span of my husband. Become always pleased with me.

The following Tamil chant is also chanted

Urukaadha Venneyum oradaiyam naan nootren Orukkalum en kanavar ennai vittu pririyadhirukka vendum

"உருகாத வெண்ணெயும் ,ஓர் அடையும் நோற்று உனக்குநான் வைத்தேன் ,எந்நாளும் என் கணவர் எனை விட்டு நீங்காத அருள்தருவாய்" என்று அம்மனை நோக்கி வேண்டி நமஸ்கரிக்கவும்.

(I have offered you unmelted butter and One Adai ,PLeae bless me so that my husband will live with me forever)

Most of those who observe the Nombu do not take food from morning till they do the pooja.

This year the month starts at 11.41 PM ISTand learned Vadhyars suggest that this pooja should be done between 9 pm-10 pm and before the month beginning, . THerefor all cooking and preperations can be done before 9.00PM.

The corresponding time in different countries is given below:-

India 11.41 Pm Dubai 10.11 Pm (Their local time) Singapore 2.11 AM Thursday Kulalampur 2.11 AM THursday Frankfurt and Paris 7.11 PM thursday (Their local time) London 6.11 PM Wednesday (Local time) USA eastern time 1.11 PM Wednesday (Local time) USA central time 12,11 PM Wednesday (local time) Western time 10.11 AM Wednesday (Local time) Sydney 5.11 AM Thursday (local time ) Tokyo 3.11 AM Thursday (Local time)

It is a practice in certain homes to worship goddess Kamakshi by calling a priest . Instead you can also chant the following Sankalpam and perform the Pooja yourselves

Mama deerga saumanglya avapthyartham , mama bhartheu anyonya preethi , Abhivrudhyartham , Aviyogartham Sri Kamakshi poojaam karishye


For getting the status of Sumangali for a very long time , For increase of mutual love between me and my husband For never being ever getting parted with him , I am doing the worship of Goddess Kamakshi.

And chant the Dhyanam

Ekambara nadha dayithaam kamakshim , BHuvaneswarim dhyayami hrudaye, DEvim vanchithartha pradhayinum


I meditate on the wife of Elambara Nadha, Who is the goddess of the universe in my mind , So that the goddess fulfill my mind’s desires.

Then chant ashtothara of Kamashi

and worship the goddess by offering her flowers. It would be great if you can chant the Yamashtakam chanted by Savithri to get back her husband.

Compiled by P.R.Ramachander

Courtesy:smt.Malathi Jayaraman,Kumbakonam.

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