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Konerirajapuram Sri Kalyanaraman Mama(part-2)

Konerirajapuram Sri Krishnamurthy Kalyanaraman Mama- A man of amazing dimensions!!

A person, born in a village situated in the erstwhile Thanjavur District, brought up by orthodox elders with at most rigors of those days having all restrictions that lead to best practices in learning, here is a man of many dimensions- blessed with an attitude to acquire knowledge in various fields-- A scientist, statistician, an agriculturalist, a social reformer, a religious performer. He learned maths from teachers from Kumbakonam, Statistics from great teachers from Madras and Kerala Universities, Programming by self, required parts of Vedhas to perform regular religious functions from his father, trying with whatever possible in village requirements and fine arts. This pair takes agriculture seriously as well as a pastime with the sole intention of supporting people who depend upon their lands.

Smt Bhagyam Kalyanaraman Mami

Gruhuni in the sense….. A lady of the house caring for all as a housewife with an attitude of a matron.

An example to be emulated!!

Photos courtesy- Sri Mahalingam Swaminathan, Konerirajapuram

Courtesy : Smt. Malathi Jayaraman, Kumbakonam.

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