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Videos of traditional wedding songs by Smt Seethalakshmi Mami.

Siddhamalli Seethalakshmi Mami

‘Kolam Mami’ to her neighbours, ‘Bapji Mami’ to her relatives, Siddhamalli Seethalakshmi Mami is spreading our tradition and culture in her own quiet way.

This octogenarian had but a few years of formal education. Having attended many marriages in her lifetime, she is well versed in the rituals and ceremonies that make a traditional wedding. She is often seen lending a helping hand to her friends and relatives in these events, where she also loves decorating the wedding dais with beautiful kolams.

Her strict orthodox ways prevent her from partaking in the feasts at weddings. She carries her food in her small bag wherever she goes. Also in her bag is wet rice flour to draw kolams at weddings.

Courtesy: Smt. Malathi Jayaraman, Kumbakonam

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